Butterfly Beach
The Book - The Keeper of Butterfly Beach - $18.95
Encouraging children to be aware of their environment and also to play a role in preserving it is crucial to the future survival of our world. Showing them how they can join with others to help find solutions to existing environmental problems is an important way to shape positive behaviors.
Butterfly beach The Keeper of Butterfly Beach is the story of a woman who walks back and forth on Butterfly Beach every day. Carrying a bag in one hand and a long wooden stick with pinchers on the end in the other, she keeps the pretty little beach clean and tidy. By her actions…or perhaps by her inaction…she teaches the people at the beach a valuable lesson about caring for and preserving the ocean environment.
With its colorful mosaic artwork, The Keeper of Butterfly Beach promises to delight its readers both young and old. It is the second in a series of Butterfly Beach books.